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This has been included to help you understand any changes that will be made, have been made, or that you notice.

The site that you are currently on does its utmost best to be sure that the many advantages of Internet technology are used, and that you have a great deal of fun experiences and interactive things at your disposal. However, please note that we will possibly use Personally Identifiable Information such as your name, street address, email address and telephone number.

This is why our Privacy Policy states the following, and also why we wish you to know that we will never rent, sell, barter, or otherwise use your information in a negative way, or give it to a third party that is unauthorized.

How Do We Gather Information?

The way that we gather information from visitors on this site,, is based completely on what pages you visit, what you do on those pages, and how often you visit them.

You might be asked to provide a certain type of information when you register on the page, register for access to certain programs, or even when you are trying to use features such as newsletters, chats, for forums. You will be asked to register when you make a purchase. Most web sites, much like ours, collect this type of information in order to help us make your experience better. We do this via electronic and automated tools since it is hard to gather information via a person. We may log the name of the service provider you use to connect to your site. We might also use things such as cookies in order to find out how often you visit. This helps us to make sure that you do not have to enter your personal information each time that you visit, or it might control the amount of times you see particular ads, or are asked any certain questions in different areas of the site. As we adopt and adapt to different types of technology, which we do regularly, you may be asked to resupply this information. We may also use different methods to gather this information from you. However, if you do not want to provide us with this information or any other sites in fact, you are easily able to set your internet browser to refuse to accept any cookies. However, doing this will disable your ability to visit certain parts of the site, and may result in you having to enter all of your information each time you enter the site, such as your name and password.

This also means we will not be able to customize the site for your visit according to pre-set preferences.

What Is Done With Your Collected Information?

What we do with the information we collected information is to help you see better advertisements based on your likes and dislikes, but also to enhance your visits.

This is all to benefit you and is what most other sites do with collected information. However, you can be sure that we will never share this personal information with any third parties.

Aggregated Information is different from Personal Information. This type of information is allowed to be used in many different ways because it is not something that directly correlates to you. We might actually combine this type of information with your personal information, as well as your usage patterns and the patterns of other visitors in order to create the best ads for you. This helps us to learn which pages get the most visits and shares, and what the masses of people who visit like the most. This type of information may also at times be shared with our advertisers and partners in business, but only Aggregated Information, not Personal. This does not include any information, however, that can be used to publicly identify you, only the information based on visits and things that you do on the site.

We might use Personally Identifiable Information that we collect on this site to communicate with you.

This communication will be for things like our Terms of Service, Privacy Policies, services and products that we offer, and any topics we think you will find interesting. We also use this information in order to allow you to register on our site. This type of information will also be used to things like troubleshooting, site administration, sweepstakes and contests, and all other types of communication directly from us to you. There are certain parties such as technical third parties that might also use this information, but only for what is permitted by law and in relevance to the productivity and safety of yourself and our site. At any time that we decide to merge, buy, sell, or otherwise partner with another business, this information will be shared with said business. However, only information that is disclosed via a court order will be used, which means that nothing will cause you problems. However, at times we may have to use this information to do things like collect debts from you, in response to a court order, or when law enforcement agencies need to be contacted.

This means that we may or may not be able to actually give you notice when we disclose this information, however, but we will try our best as the situation allows.

Affiliates, Linked Sites, Advertisements

This site expects all of the affiliates, partners, and advertisers that are a part of it to respect the privacy of our users.

This means, however that certain partners, advertisers, third parties, and affiliates that have content that you can link to via our site might have different policies. An example of this would be when you click on a link and travel outside of our site. Once you do this, we cannot be held responsible for anything that you do, for information that is gathered about you, or what you choose to click within outside sites. These outside sites might have their own rules about collecting information, have different practices and policies, and may or may not choose to disclose them to you. Therefore, our site is not responsible for any information that is collected from you via advertisements, sweepstakes and contests, features, and any products that you buy from outside sites.

This is why you must always ensure that you know the privacy policy of any site that you visit.

While you are on our site, please understand that advertisers, our promotional partners, and our affiliates might use cookies or other types of technology in order to identify and target preferences of yours, or certain types of information that can help them find what you like. Some of the advertising that we use is serviced and monitored by third parties. This means that they can use information from you if you do not have cookies properly set, which is why monitoring your cookie ability is always important. However, be aware that there are some features on our site that require you to have cookie enables, and that some of our services require this. This does not control the use of cookies by third parties and is therefore not responsible for the policies that these parties may have.

Also, please be aware that if you choose to voluntarily supply any of your personal information on our chat boards or forums, that we cannot guarantee that you will not receive advertisements for it. This is because publicly viewed information can be seen by the public and therefore does not fall under our privacy policy. This is why you must always be careful about what you say in a public domain.

Be assured that anything we collect, however, will remain safe.

DoubleClick DART Cookie

There are third party vendors such as Google that may in fact use cookies in order to serve ads on our sites.

The DART cookies that Google uses allow it to service and serve ads to people based on their visits, what they see on their visits, and what they see on other sites. You can easily opt out of this by visiting This is how you remove certain cookies that sites will employ. However, you can also check out in order to opt out of any third party based cookies that vendors might use.

Partners that are part of our advertising and who will use cookies and web beacons within our site are Google Adsense and Amazon Associates.

Google AdSense

Google employs third party servers to help find advertisements and links that are sent to your browser directly from our site.

These types of things will automatically track your IP address when this occurs. Other types of things such as cookies, JavaScript’s, or Web Beacons, might also be used by third party networks for ads in order to measure how effective their advertisements are, or in order to personalize the type of advertised content that you see. We would like you to know that your site does not have any control over these, and that they are used by third party advertisers. This is why you need to be sure to consult the policies that these third party companies use in order to get more details on privacy policies.

The process to disable cookies will alleviate the need to do this, however, and you can find out how to do that by simply visiting the website of the browser you use and checking out how to disable cookies.

Amazon Associates

This specific business is a part of the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program.

This is an affiliate advertising program that is designed to help provide sites with a way to earn advertising fees. This is done by advertising links to


We would like you to know that our site does not and will never knowingly collect any Personally Identifiable Information from children 13 or under unless permitted by law.

If we discover that this is in fact happening, we will delete the information as soon as we can.

If you are under the belief that we have any information like this, please visit our Contact Us page in order to alert us.

Privacy Policy Changes

We have the right to change the policy you are reading at any time.

This is why it is a good idea to check back here frequently in order to see if any changes were made. The continued use of our site will tell us that you have read and understand these changes, and that you accept them. However, be aware that any information that was collected from you during times before these changes will still be considered viable, and that the laws surrounding them will be the same.

Governing Law

United Kingdom law is the governing policy of this law and the use of this site.

This means that if a dispute does arise, we agree that we will do our utmost to resolve it with the assistance of an agreed on mediator located within London, United Kingdom. The fees and costs of any attorney that come to be during this time will be split equally between each of us. If for some reason it proves impossible to arrive at this type of solution, we agree to submit this entire dispute to the binding arbiter within London, United Kingdom.

This will be done under the rules of the American Arbitration Association, and the judgment rewarded entirely upon their decision.

Our site is operated, controlled by, and administered inside of the United Kingdom.

This means that the policies herein, as well as statements, is not intended to create any contractual rights of legality for any party involved.

Privacy Policy Contact Information

For questions regarding our privacy policy you can send us an email. You can find our contact information on our contact page.

Thank you.

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