Sell him comfort to buy his love?

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Have you ever wondered why some women get lots of love while others struggle?

You probably don’t know this, but men need you to create a certain atmosphere around them, to make it easy for them to love you.

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Doing this one thing alone, will make a man feel extreme joy at the mere act of doing romantic things for you.


He will derive an extreme sense of satisfaction out of loving you, the way YOU want to be loved.

Whenever you will look at him, it will feel as if his eyes are sending private messages of love to your brain.

You will see love pouring from his eyes, like a waterfall from a mountain.

I know it sounds cheesy, but he will find something warm and enchanting about your presence, but he won’t be able to describe why.

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Do crazy men chase you against your will?

Do you keep on attracting total lunatics and oddly weird men into your life?

The type of men who make your blood boil with anger, and make your heart sink with depression?

If yes, then you are suffering from what I call the ‘Bad Smell Factor’.

No, I am not talking about body odor, I am talking about the mental “feeling” or ‘vibe’ a man gets when he is around you.

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Dump makeup! Use the drama method to look hotter

Men only like to chase pretty women, right?


I’ll show you something called The Art of Dramatic Sex Appeal.

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