She spilt his heart into a million pieces

Boy, oh boy! What a dramatic and crazy drama story.

I was just watching a presentation which completely blew me over.

It’s about a guy named Aaron…

Here is his dramatic story in his own words…

Here I am, bright eyed and bushy tailed, early on a Saturday morning…

…checking my work emails as usual, when suddenly, 4 strange words catch me from the corner of my eye.

“You Were A Mistake”, it reads.

Assuming that it must be one of those joke emails from a colleague, or a funny story, I click it, preparing myself for a little bit of amusement.

But what I saw next, cast a heavy flash of intense shock through my body, so much so, that I could feel vomit burning up through my throat.

Before I knew it, I was running to the bathroom, spewing a hurricane of coffee and bagels I had eaten half an hour ago.

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Desperation attracts men

Neediness repulses men, right?


Truth is – Guys want you to need them.

Do you know the right way to be needy which actually makes a man’s feel obsessively and spontaneously “LOVESTRUCK” by you.

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In short, he will feel an internal push to convince you to like him, love him or commit to him.

In fact, from this point on, you can tell him exactly what you need, expect and want from him, and watch him fulfill your wishes with a crazy sense of urgency.

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P.S Every man will just find himself emotionally wrapped around your instructions.

It will almost be as if you have a psychological pull on him.

Uncensored secrets about men

drama-method-bookToday I want to give you an uncensored, explicit and a little unfair insight on the male psychology.

An insight where you will feel as if you’re hearing your man’s thoughts even when he doesn’t utter a single word.

Once you discover this insight, you will notice that almost every man is more welcoming and accepting towards your suggestions than ever before.

Now you won’t have to hope or pray for him to do the right thing.

He would just be naturally inspired to do it anyway and this is only the beginning.

You will find yourself completely relaxed and at ease even during the most nerve wracking situations around a man because now you have access to this insight.

See you soon,

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Hint – It involves making your man see you as the ultimate resource for everything he could desire, want and need.