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Use of Materials Restrictions

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License, Use, and Database Ownership

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You must therefore agree to only use the information on this site for your private use. You might also use it for your home or business, but only if you are not selling, brokering, printing, downloading, published, transmitted, or otherwise giving the information out. This also means that you will not distribute, reproduce, re-engineer, or change any part of this database for any reason.

You may occasionally, however, choose to use limited amounts of down loadable content. You may also choose to print pages of information that you been selected for a special reason, or that can be specifically used in one situation or another. However, this is only to be done for your personal use or business use, and on a completely confidential business. This means only internally and that the information cannot be used outside of your immediate personal life or business. You may make a limited number of copies of any type of output, in the machine or handwritten form, as is seen reasonable for these purposes. However, nothing within this site allows or gives you permission to create a directory or database, or a hard copy publication, about anything that you see on this site. This goes for internal or external use, neither is allowed.


All materials that you see within this site are “as is” and therefore do not hold or contain any special warranted, expressed or implied.

This means that we do not become liable for any types of merchantability or fitness for any particular purposes. We also do not warrant that anything within our site is going to be error free, that problems will be fixed or removed, or that we are completely free of viruses or otherwise damaging content. We do not make any representation about the use of or any results that happen to you because of the information you use on our site, even if it happens to not be accurate or reliable. You will therefore assume all cost and responsibility for repairs, services, or any other things that you must do in order to fix negligence to you or your computer. The laws may not allow you to be excluded in this depending on the situation, so the above may not actually apply to you.

Under no circumstances shall our site become responsible for any damages that occur to you, such as negligence on your part.

If you are unable to use the information without our site, or use it wrong, you are responsible for any special or consequential damages that occur. This goes even if you have alerted us to the problem that you are having. Certain applicable laws will not be able to exclude our liability, either, which is why we created these Terms of Use. You will be responsible for any damages, losses, causes tort, negligence, or other problems, by accessing this site, and also and fee that comes of it.

Any information that you see on this site is believed to be accurate when we post it. This is why it is important to know when we change information, or hen specific information we have posted is no longer valid. We may change things on our site without any notice to you. This is why you need to take this information at face value and be careful about what you do with the information you take from here. We do not intend our information to provide any financial, legal, or tax advice, or any other type of advice for a particular company or person. The information that you see on this site is also only offered in jurisdictions and areas in which it is legal to have it.

Our information is not all-inclusive, and that the information cannot be relied on as being all-inclusive or completely accurate.

Marks and Links

We are not always going to be affiliated with the sites that you might click over to when browsing our pages.

We are not responsible for any of their content, as we cannot change it. The sites that we link to are for your convenience only, therefore you access them completely at your own risk. This is why it always pays to be careful when browsing. Any links that you see which lead to references, products, publications, or services that are not part of this site does not mean that we approve of or endorse them. They are simply links to our site, not an actual part of us.

Names, graphics, icons, logos, designs, titles, phrases, or any worse that you see on our site are copyrighted and trademarked either by us or one of our affiliates. This means that you do not have any type of granted license or permission to use them, so leave them be. If you download, retransmit, or otherwise copy any information located on this site, or on affiliate sites, you are risking legal action in direct violation of copyright and trademark laws.

Password, Codes, and Information Confidentiality

As a visitor to this site, you must treat any information you view here with the use of Subscriber Codes, user name, ID, or passwords as property of this site. This means that any password protected parts of this site that you have access to are not your property, and therefore will not be shared with anything in the form of communication, copying, or divulged to anybody without express permission from us.

Other Legalities

The Terms of Use that you are reading are going to apply every single time you access our web site.

We reserve the right to issue and change these Terms of Use at any time by publishing a revision followed by the date of the revision. Therefore, every time you access this site, you may want to check these Terms of Use to be sure they are the same, as the transaction you perform may be under different rules. You are also not granted, assigned, or sublet any rights by this site unless you have our permission in advance. Our Terms of use are also governed by the laws of the United Kingdom. This means that any laws that are broken herein will be enforced by the aforementioned, and also be done so within their jurisdiction. If you have in any way threatened or violated our property or that of any of our affiliates, you must be ready to be sought after for legal relief. This relief may come in the form of the either state or federal, and be dealt with by the United Kingdom.

If any certain dispute does arise and cannot be dealt with under this agreement and Terms of Use, then we will first attempt to resolve it via the help of the agreed upon mediator within the United Kingdom, specifically London. Any fees that occur due to an attorney at this time will be split between us equally. If it seems to be impossible to actually reach an agreement this way, then we will submit this dispute to higher authority in the form of a binding arbitration under the rules of the American Arbitration Association. The judgment for reward will then be decided by them in any court with jurisdiction to do so.

If any part of this agreement is marked as void or unable to be enforced, the remaining part of these Terms of use will not be changed.


These Terms of Use agreements are going to be staying in effect until either party involved terminates it.

You can easily terminate this agreement by destroying all of the materials that you have happened to obtain through us, as well as any installations and copying of programs or date from our site. This agreement will also terminate itself without notice if the website decides to do so, or if you fail to obey and comply with anything within this agreement. When this happens you must destroy any material or date you have gathered from this site, as well as any installations or downloads that you have gotten from this site unless otherwise specified.

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