The Mind Twist

This article is part of my drama method review.

And as promised, I’ll share the famous “Mind Twist” technique you can use on any man and make him literally drool over you and desire you like a newborn desires his mother.

But before I get to the details, I must warn you, do not overuse this technique.

Just like everything else in life, you need to use it in moderation or else you might piss off a lot of men.

As you are probably already aware, that men are born hunters and chasers.

They instinctively pursue anything that is a challenge or hard to get.

Sounds obvious right?


The problem is that most women understand the theory behind this but when it comes to application, they are literally lost.

There is a thing called the “tension trigger” between you and a man during the early phases of the relationship.

It is that invisible wall that a man is usually eager to climb. But sometimes, women don’t let the man work to climb this wall, rather they sort of break the wall themselves and make it easy for the man.

This is a gigantic mistake.

Seriously, think about it, when you offer everything to a man and fulfill most of his desires, he would sit there and think –

“Okay, I have this woman, now what?”

And that is where his attraction will almost die for you.

So this is where my mind twist technique comes in handy.

What you basically do is say or do something which create this invisible emotional tension between you and the man.

This tension will subconsciously force him to chase you, obsess over you and in some cases even stalk you. Let me show you how this works.

During your conversation with a man, say the following –

“John! You sound like a smart man but I think we’ll make great friends.”

See what you did here? You created a tension loop in his mind where you said you think he is smart yet, you would only want him as a friend.

This is where he will think –

“Why just a friend? Why not something more? I need to try harder.”

And this is where his desire for you will skyrocket.

But it just doesn’t end here; next it’s really important to raise a man’s “emotional temperature”.

In other words, you have to tune up the intensity of emotions a man experiences in your presence.

The higher the intensity of the emotions, the more his body will force him to claim you.

Because if you really think about it…what exactly is love, attraction, desire or affection; and more importantly, how do you even define them?

These are nothing but mere emotions and feelings.

Therefore when you raise his emotional temperature he will automatically feel a very intense level of attraction and love for you.

He will find himself drawn to you in a very mysterious sort of a way, something he won’t exactly be able to point out or put a finger on. But he will feel this intense level of chemistry and attraction towards you.

But now the big question is, how do you do it? It’s simple, follow this link to discover how…